Technical Cleaning & Remediation Services

Why Technical Cleaning?

There are significant risks in utilizing untrained Janitorial services including equipment damage through the use of inappropriate chemicals and products. This leaves your company vulnerable to major loss and downtime.

Common Issues:

  • Electrostatic discharge and dust – If improperly handled, can cause fire damage, equipment failure, and injury
  • Ferrous Metals released on electronic components can cause catastrophic failures
  • Humidity and rust particles
  • Food, Insects, Rodents – Attracted to dark subfloors critters can wreak havoc on electronic equipment
  • Employee Health – Removal of particulate contamination

Technical Cleaning

Our team has extensive training in all aspects of technical cleaning protocols

Prior to any work, we develop a site specific job hazard analysis to protect the assets of your company

Our specialists will take the utmost care to address all of your technical cleaning needs

Technical Clean Scope


  • Plenum cleaning
  • Overhead cable/ladder trays
  • Data Cable wipe down
  • Busways
  • Overhead Lights

Equipment Cleaning

  • Interior Electronic Detail Cleaning
  • Exterior Equipment Cleaning
  • Protection of Fire Protection and Smoke Systems
  • Data Equipment Racks


  • Sub Floor Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Plenum Cleaning
  • Metal Shaving Removal


  • ATS Control Boxes
  • Doors &Frames
  • MDF/IDF Closet
  • Remote Power Panels
  • Quality communication with building engineer and site security staff

Technically Trained Technicians

Skilled specialists trained to meet ISO and industry standards

Background checks for high security spaces

Safety – OSHA 10, OSHA 30, CPR, First Aid, AED

Proven track record at on-line and base construction facilities

We have the specialized equipment and highly-trained personnel to create a custom solution for interior or exterior projects