Concrete Sealing/Hardeners

Concrete Sealers, Densifiers, Hardeners And Dusptroofing

The Iron Pony is a preeminent expert in the installation of concrete sealers, densifiers and hardeners used to enhance the natural beauty, performance and serviceability of concrete and protect it from surface damage, staining, abrasion and dusting.  We have installed products to prevent concrete floors for dusting for clients including Budweiser, Global Produce, Lancaster Foods, Keebler, Sephora, Restoration Hardware, and more.

Sealers can be applied at the time of concrete placement to help protect it through the construction process. Other projects choose to apply these chemical treatments at end of project prior to delivery. A thin Spiff coat is often added at end of project to ensure all reaction sites within the concrete are utilized. This Spiff coat also raises the aesthetic value of hard troweled concrete.

We look at usage to help general contractors and owners understand how these professional concrete floor products perform in order to determine the best product selection of concrete sealants for your floor from one of three families: film-forming membranes, densifiers/hardeners, and hydrophobics.

Concrete polishing is performed by grinding the concrete floor surface to the desired shine and smoothness, creating floors that are easy to clean, durable and functional. The result is a long-lasting, durable and eco-friendly surface that resists dusting and holds up to heavy traffic.

Concrete Sealants

Film-Forming Membranes

Film-forming membrane sealers seal and enhance a surface with a protective film that creates a gloss/matte coating when cured, enhances durability, and provides protection for the concrete surface from elements, traffic, stains and spills.


A concrete densifier/hardener is a silicate sealer designed to improve abrasion resistance, resist the migration of water and chemicals, and densify, harden and dustproof a concrete floor. Long-life performance window with warranty for 10-20 years. These include: Ashford Formula, Sure Hard, Euclid Diamond Hard, Lapidolith, ProSoCo LS and LS/CS.


Hydrophobic concrete sealers are penetrating liquid chemicals that provide an impermeable stain and water-resistant surface barrier to limit water and chemical migration through the concrete. Popular for parking garages and warehouse aprons, they include: silanes, siloxanes, silane/siloxane blends, siliconates/silicate blends.


Concrete preparation is The Iron Pony’s key to successful coatings installation. We strip, clean and profile concrete surfaces to prepare for coatings and overlays, utilizing shotblasting, mechanical grinding, or acid etching methods. This removes dirt, previous coating(s), paint and contaminants, and texturizes the surface for better adhesion and smooth recoating or resurfacing. Concrete crack repair, filling and caulking is performed as needed.


To protect your investment, The Iron Pony recommends specific standards for maintenance. We meet onsite to train your housekeeping and cleaning staff on floor care regimens, and offer resources for purchasing cleaning products and chemicals. Typically, sealed floors require daily maintenance, a six-month deep cleaning, and a microcoating of polish guard in high-traffic areas at the end of one year. We also offer a maintenance program with a one-year warranty.


The Iron Pony offers a one-year warranty on commercial installations, and various manufacturers offer up to a ten-year warranty on their products. You will be provided with specific warranty information.

We have the specialized equipment and highly-trained personnel to create a custom solution for interior or exterior projects