Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

The Iron Pony was the forerunner in the polished concrete industry throughout the Washington DC/Baltimore corridor when it first gained popularity in 1999, and has continued to serve as one of the premier polished concrete experts on the East Coast. Many of our original clients remain with us to this day.

Concrete polishing is performed by grinding the concrete floor surface to the desired shine and smoothness, creating floors that are easy to clean, durable and functional. The result is a long-lasting, durable and eco-friendly surface that resists dusting and holds up to heavy traffic.

Polished concrete is a cost-effective treatment with low upkeep, typically running at 20% of the expense of maintaining a normally-waxed floor, with daily maintenance using the proper chemicals and procedures.

Traditional Polished Concrete Method
A multi-step refinement of the concrete surface to remove imperfections and polish the surface with progressively-finer abrasives, beginning with metal-bonded diamonds and moving to phenolic-bonded fine abrasives. The process is divided into two areas: the level of aggregate to be revealed and the level of desired gloss. Lengthy process and moderate-to-high cost.

The Iron Pony offers a diverse line of polished concrete floor products to fit any budget and usage requirement.

Limited budget? Compare our Valued Engineered Approach to the Traditional Polished Concrete Method.

Value Engineered Polished Concrete Method

This refinement process reduces the number of steps, abrasives and labor needed, and accomplishes the job using hybrid abrasives or by introducing abrasives suspended in chemicals. The Iron Pony offers three levels of VE polished concrete: Enhanced Spiff Coat, The 1-2-3 System, and the Clean and Polish Guard. Fast, inexpensive and easy to maintain, these systems can provide alternatives for every use and budget.

What makes a floor shine

We have the specialized equipment and highly-trained personnel to create a custom solution for interior or exterior projects